Recipe For Change

The Recipe For Change is our annual fundraiser devoted to developing community around creating solutions for food waste and food loss. It is inspired by the folks at Feedback Global and their Feeding 5000 Front Range event that was hosted in Denver in 2016. By partnering with neighborhood stalwarts such as Jovial Concepts and UpRoot Colorado we are able to transform food waste into a buffet style meal for our friends and supporters, while furthering the conversation around creating a more inclusive and equitable food system.


Jovial Concepts

Jovial Concepts is a non-profit organization created in 2009 as a resource for community and stewardship. Since its inception, Jovial Concepts has worked with local communities in Colorado to raise awareness towards issues of social, economic, and environmental conflict, created forums for their peaceful resolve, and collaborated with like-minded organizations to further the effectiveness of current sustainability actions.


Uproot Colorado

The seeds for UpRoot were planted in the Fall of 2016 with two gleaning events set up on two unique farms in order to provide produce for Feeding the 5000 Front Range, a food-waste-awareness event held in downtown Denver in October 2016.


The Coop AT 1st

Managed by Jovial Concepts, The Co-op at 1st offers a shared community space to empower Barnum residents to grow, reclaim, and indulge in healthy food. They have event space and offices for rent, community-run grocery store, movement studio and commercial commissary kitchen.